Still figuring things out

Happy Wednesday! I hope where ever you may be there is sun and it is shining on you! As I write this post I am looking outside and it is raining. Bummer! Why is it that my weather app is more accurate when it comes to rain as to when it came to the sun in the summer? In the summer I would get excited because tomorrow was supposed to be a nice hot sunny day – and it would be get pushed back, to like next week!

It is hard to believe that it has been now over 4 months since we packed up and left our old life. Time has gone by so quickly and so much has happened. This change of season has really thrown me. I was pretty much used to sunshine 24/7 with maybe a little hurricane thrown in for good measure, or to ‘declutter’ my life!


I really haven’t experienced a change in seasons in over 20 years. I am finding that not only does it require a change in wardrobe, it also requires a change in my mind. It is so much easier to stay positive when the sun is shining as opposed to when it is not. I thought that I would enjoy rainy days since I have spent the past 16 years in pretty much non-stop sunshine. I am finding it to be a bit tricky.

Yesterday we started out the day with rain. Shocking:) I was doing a few things around the house at noon time. As I looked out the window I could see that it was no longer raining and I caught a glimpse of the sun…what? I told Scruffy to get his coat on! We were going out to make the most of the weather. We were out for just over an hour. Walking on the trails, inhaling the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine. Bliss! As soon as we got home I started preparing lunch., fresh air and exercise give me an appetite! When I looked out the window it was raining and the sun had gone behind the clouds. Talk about meant to be! I was so glad that we got out and enjoyed the short little dry spell of the day. And it pretty much rained for the rest of the day.


I am finding what helps to brighten my day a little bit, even when it is not bright or dry outside, is if I get out and get a bit of exercise. I need to make that a priority each and every day to brighten my spirits. I know this will be even more important with the winter months. I have also been bringing yoga & meditation back into my life. I need all of the positive vibes in my life while I try to adjust to my new life. More important, I need to give myself time to adjust to my new life. Just because we spent two years planning something doesn’t mean it will feel right from the start.

I hope you have a great day:)


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