How to set yourself up for a FAB week!

To me, Monday sparks the start of a new week and a clean slate. Whoever says “I’ll start that diet on Wednesday?” No one! See my point?

If I am going to do some badness, I like to save it for the weekend. It gives me something to look forward to! And by ‘badness’ I mean a treat meal or something a little naughty. Something that I wouldn’t normally eat during the week – like a container of icing. Just kidding – I am so NOT kidding! Moving on… In my mind, if I keep the week clean I have some wiggle room for the weekend. Hopefully I have worked hard during the week and eaten clean. I try not to drink alcohol during the week and save it for the weekend. I am quite partial to a gin & tonic or a glass or two of wine. Cheers to the weekend!


A few things that I do to help set myself up for a successful week include the following:-

  1. Meal Plan (usually we only eat meat once or twice a week) – I literally write Monday through to Sunday on a piece of paper and start filling in meal ideas that we might like. If I see something I like, I write it down for the following week so I always have a list of potential ideas. Sometimes it comes easy, others it is like waiting to win the lottery (which I totally plan on doing this year!). I also think ahead and block out 1 night that we can plan a treat meal for. Or, if we have dinner plans with friends. It all gets included in the plan!
  2. Make a grocery list – I will go through the week of meals and write down items that we will need. Then I go through the cupboards, freezer and fridge. Not only does it cut back on waste, it also avoids a potential domestic with my husband for wasting food and money 🙂
  3. Plan fitness for the week – How many times do I want to run during the week? Am I training for a race? Is the weather supposed to be nice for the week? If so, I will plan to bike in to work, a good 25 minute ride. Yikes! Do we have anything active planned for the weekend? With the nicer weather finally happening I love to be outside as much as possible.


I also do meal prep for our puppy Buster Boo. Say what? Yep! We like for Buster to eat well too. It shows in his overall being when he is eating healthy. We like to prep a few bits to keep on hand for him. It makes feeding him in the mornings and evening so much easier when we can just pull out the containers out of the fridge. If we are doing a BBQ he always gets a little bit of meat and a bit of sweet potato. We also make an effort to take him to the dog park a couple of times a week. I honestly don’t know who enjoys that more – Buster or us? We love to watch him charge around and play with his friends. It is important for him to be able to socialize as well. A tired puppy is a happy puppy!



Do I always stick to my plan? Of course not. I am HUMAN! Sometimes all it takes is for me to see a TV ad with something yummy in it and I no longer want what I planned for dinner. It happens! But I don’t beat myself up for it. I strive for balance. I also believe that there is always tomorrow to get back on board and try again.

I try to set my mind and focus on a good week. To me a Monday is kind of like New Year’s Day. It is full of hope and potential. A lot of people do not like Monday but it represents a fresh start to me – a chance to shape & create an amazing week.

What do you do to set yourself up for a healthy week?


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