The storm that wasn’t

Yesterday I lived like I would not see the sun again 🙂 Well, at least not for a few days that is! On the news we were told that we had three storms rolling through our area over the course of the next few days. Whenever I ran into my neighbors that was the main chat! When I woke up this morning to take Scruffy out for a quick bathroom break it was raining. But by 9am it was gone. I had mentally prepared myself for a blah day, trapped inside! I decided to get a bit crafty but by noon Scruffy and I had to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and get some fresh air. Below is a little example of my craftiness! I thought that I would get a jump on making my 2016 Christmas cards. I just hope I actually send them out in time for Christmas 2016!


It felt good to get out and get some fresh air. It was nice when we were in the sun but in the shade was a wee bit chilly. I am slowly getting adjusted to this ‘thang’ called fall. It has been so long since I have experienced a change in seasons. And let me tell you, it is no joke! My skin is dry and my face is sore from this weather. I keep thinking that if I drink more water it will help to hydrate my skin but at this rate I am risking wetting the bed. Moving on…

According to the news the weather is due to hit us during this evening. I know better than to doubt the weather. I went through Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and nature is no joke! When it wants to ‘clean house’ it takes no prisoners! If nothing comes of these storms I will thank my lucky stars. One good thing about being stuck inside is cuddles and puppy kisses with this little guy. Never a bad thing!


Have a good evening. I am off to drink some more water and hope for a ‘dry’ evening!